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old Fred who must be about 75 was my dad’s best mate and had grown up with my dad and his sister my aunt pat, Fred whose wife died 3 years ago lives in a mobile home on a site near Whitby in Yorkshire, he and his wife moved there years ago when they retired, Whitby is about 80 miles from where we live so it would take a few hours’ drive.We went to the same motel and to the same room that we always go to.As we were sorting stock to be in piles to be sent to all the financial institutions for all the people that they hold the stock.FUCK.And as I stand close to her at work, I imagine myself bending towards her and my lips finally touching her soft cheek; making that electric connection for the first time; a shockwave pulsing through my body down and out through the floor; feeling alive again for the first time in years.“I wanted to talk to you first.“Well erm Kayleigh, I understand what you mean but what would your parents think of this?”I wanna see how you and Mommy do it.She w

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