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Someone had done a lot of planning for this and, if I had to guess, it would have to be Marge.Please feel free to read Parts 1-5 of the series if that’s what you’re here for.“I can’t help it.Deb said to Arthur, “God, I’m so jealous of her for being able to cum so easily, but according to her, you’re more than capable of making me cum a lot.”A large pool of saliva fled her mouth and flowed down my shaft onto my hips and athletic shorts.I looked at my watch.The dark skinned girl clawed desperately at the cold floor of the dungeon, screaming and sobbing in pure terror as she lashed out for anything to grasp in sheer futility; the chain tugged ever harder and she found herself jerked forth with a violent toss, the chain piercing itself into the nearby wall as she found herself amongst several other women in the very same situation, many being used in various ways, none of which she wished to endure herself.“Sure”, I replied back, thinking it would be good to see the boy

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