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I couldn't wait any longer.I love you in more than a sister way as well.Actually, I secretly hoped that I was."Yes my darling.She takes my jeans off and slowly pulls my boxers down.She smiled back at me, licking her lips and turning off the light switch with a wink.My display attracted the eyes of a 2 men and 1 girl, all who did a double take before continuing walking.It was a few hours later when he and the other three appeared outside a cave.“The village is less than broke.I knew Tom was going to cum soon.“If I could fucking marry your dick, I would, dude.Moreover since Desh had gone in for his bath, he was safe from any color onslaught.His head was buzzing, tight with worry but he focused on her revelation, “You found this weeks ago?Better than fine.He smiled, got up from the table, and began making his way towards his room.I need to fuck her.But then her cute face darkened with adorable defiance.Was that Petra?Then I hope this is a worthy payment."They arrived at the same tim

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