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Maybe I had and he was all over me..."Stop this" I said and sat up and he pushed me down..."Let me go," I squirmed in his hands and he let me up and I went home...pulling my blouse down, my dress up, straightening my bra straps...he had gotten me...the bastard...my face was red, my whole body was flushed, I stood in front of the mirror and looked myself over...feeling, exploring---two hands, ten fingers--not the rough hundred handed boy--I was still aflame with the moment, nipples hard and sensitive to my touch, my flesh had goose bumps but I petted myself down, smoothing my tummy and my little hairs..calming, soothing.I was watching TV stiff in fear that I was caught, when Kendall turned away, I saw Brenda look at me from my periphery, and kind of smirk.Two long extremely dark streaks ran all the way from her aureole, which now looked straight down to the floor.“Well, I suppose you were, but not the way they expected.”“Yeah.”Not exactly.When he finished, I rammed all the way

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