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On one level, I was disappointed, and he could see that clearly.The program was teaching her to like having men stare at her tits and cunt.Raheem's cock was poking down my gullet as his deep voice groaned vulgar comments that had a strange effect on my cock.Janika felt his eyes burning into the back of her neck as she went over and began to flick through them.I saw one of the women had taken off her top.If she sat upright, the chain would be stretched taut, and therefore stretch the clamps out, making the pain much more intense.We even had a nice couple stop and ask if they could take a picture of them and me. I stood with them for a couple of minutes, but unfortunately, technology was not their strong suit.I wasn't submissive a year ago when I joined the club, but my last girlfriend I had back then, was quite dominant and that made me realize I kinda like that.I didn't want to hear but I couldn't move, I was tense with fear as I watched her rest.At school the next day, I looked for Ca

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