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There were two of Misato’s men, the driver and the armed guard.“I’m willing to offer some collateral.” Yavara smiled, subtly pressing herself to the king.My cum spurted into my daughter's mouth.When he did come it drove away my last vestiges of self respect and pushed me into yet another orgasm.“Oh, what a yummy daughter we created, Daddy,” Mommy moaned.Michelle moaned and bit her lip as the orgasm tingled through her body and with lust now raging within her she needed something inside herself.Her body in full revolt, Erin began thrusting her hips against Megan's fingers.I need it so fucking bad.” I couldn't believe how pathetic I sounded.They mean you no harm.I push my cock barely a quarter way in.“I’ll be right back,” Ashley said to me with a wink.“Oh, yes, I'm such a porn-star-slut, Becky!”“What?!”Seconds later, Lara had pulled her dress on over her head and was heading out the motel room door sans her underwear.Her breasts ached and burned under his hand

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