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Vote and comment!I know she had it at school; I called her during the day.Done with her shower, Stacy stepped out, naked and dripping wet, wrapping a towel around her hair.“Beryl, never, ever, call me your master.I half wished they had invited me to watch.Both girls also rolled onto their tummies and I could see all three resting their heads on their arms but all looking up my shorts.“CH, Charles Howell, is our baby boy.Even as the thought came to her, there was a snap and the iron straps released.My brother is a businessman and he often visit Europe for 4-6 months once in a year.Gia smiled, enjoying the anxious expression on her little friend, “Come on Lacy, sweety…” She tilted her head, waiting for Lacy’s flickering expression to once more land on her own, “You’ll love it here, I mean, whenever you’re around at mine you can’t wait to suck my cock, so why should this be any different, hm?”My cheeks burned.The sexy aroma of her pussy is driving you wild.Their groa

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