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Just as she finished up, her phone beeped, as did Kyle’s. It was from Bella, and she was on her way home with great news and would see them at the pool.Turns out a drunken confession is not admissible in court and the DNA sample was mishandled.Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!“I guess if I was going to say ‘no,’ I would have done it immediately, wouldn’t I?” she asked with a dry throat.For her, she could stay here all night and do this, she was actually enjoying it, without guilt, that she thought she would have.My cock in each ass in turn.Ryan added that she could join in if she wanted.Anger has always been a problem for me. It makes me stubborn.“I was hoping this would be some entertaining gossip.A servant shouted.The sooner the better.” Josh asked.Then the worry set in for me, what if his friends told anyone.I push two fingers into your pussy and a third into your ass.Sara laughed and wrote back tomorrow night.“You look cute in that skirt Jenna.” Dan