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A little gentler than before, you make me sit on the bed... and then you undo my handcuffs from behind and cuff them back up in front."What about Lindsay?"I laid her down as she stared as she tried to comprehend her plight and my I aimed my poor bruised shaft at the softness so recently vacated by my thumb.The next night, after staring at her ass all day again, I was out in the living room of the apartment and she went for a shower.I don’t think I could do it again, no matter what Trish says.”I pulled the curtains aside, letting the warm morning light cleanse my naked body.Lucy froze at the sound of a metallic click.“I’m outside x”Now though, that the other Zahra was using the power siphoning spell she, would soon become the dominant personality again.She just kept getting between us and literally spitting her words at me.”I would gladly take you out in public and show you off, go to dinner, movies or other events, as well as stay home to snuggle and cuddle before we fall o