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Her hips twitched as Oliver continued massaging her nethers.She lights up at the praise.It didn’t take long, of course, and we both came and then settled down for the night with her slight body still laying on mine.Over the past year our shooting had improved incredibly.Sheila opened her mouth & Rocky urinated down her throat , Sheila swallowed & thanked her son / master for her drink . Rocky had dropped by for breakfast & was drinking a morning coffee while he pissed in her mouth . Rocky told Sheila to get off her knees , she was topless , was wearing a pair of mom jeans with running shoes( not very sexy but Rocky didnt care ) Rocky decided he'd first suck on Sheila's slightly saggy matronly breasts for awhile ,& then he'd titfuck his mom (until he decided what he'd do for the rest of the day).The moment has finally arrived!I said "No, I was going to put my cock in your ass."She slowly lifted her hand to touch her chest, an aloof smile on her face.Getting on the floor above me h