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I got to name him since it was my job to watch over him and care for him as he adjusted to his new surroundings.He went to move back, but once he realised I had no intention of letting go of his nuts, he reacted by lunging at me and grabbing my head with both hands and pushing it against his crotch.“We should like, do something fun, something that feels way good and sexy.” I said while I started to rub his dick with my leg even more.It was wonderful to tell, but I was feeling the mental strain now.He then spank me again as he start to fuck my pussy from behind.Ishaan hoovered nearby, seemingly unwilling to leave Aashi when he had the chance to be near her.I'll meet you in your room in fifteen minutes," I said, ending the conversation and turning back to my work.“Here you go, you know what to do.”She lurched atop me, crying out with each entrance, and whining needfully with each exit, trying to entice her father with the back-arching elevation of her pelvis, presenting her ferti

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