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“Oh, look what we did, I guess we’ll just have to clean it up,” commented Crissy.“Relax TT; I’ve already promised not to finger you, in fact I’ll promise not to even touch you.”“Holy shit,” Justina was clutching her chest, “I’m too young to be having heart palpitations.I was feeling very nervous, a bit scared and a lot excited.And they did, as those 2 were the youngest of the trio I was expecting them to just dive straight in but someone must have taught them to take their time and to tease my pussy until it was almost screaming for them to touch my clit and invade my vagina.I climb into the bed with her.It was wrong, and it was illegal, and if you press charges against me, I won’t deny them, I won’t argue.OOOH!” She shuddered her whole body and she sunk her fingers deeply into her tit flesh, shaking her head from side to side as she progressed through what was obviously a very intense orgasm.I prefer to think every day if the first day of forever."Zane co

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