When we arrived at his house, I was confused at the sight of a few cars already there.I said ok officer could you give these to the little girls I saved yesterday for me.Going a bit slower, he started pulling himself all the way out, waiting a moment, then thrusting his cock back into my gaping hole.“Oh, my Sven, pound her.“My, my, you were hungry.” a soothing mother’s voice leaked into my ear, a gentle hand clasped the back of my head, bringing me closer.I slowly and gently push into her ass."What a lovely, wet pussy, so tight and inviting...I think about how excited he was earlier, whatever it is must be pretty special.She was bobbing her head as she managed to get it all down her throat.Eagerly she kept bucking and humping between them, now flexing to drain the last gooey droplets out of Walter's cock."If you choose the hand with the rock you get Liam, if not, I do" she said, and her sister nodded.To include the brunette.She felt herself lifted and moved around roughly like

"--been sitting here?"So young that her being underage came to my mind.I had spilled every drop in her.She began to tilt her head back just a little and thrust out her breasts.Then he got dressed and went back to playing the game.“Ah, right on time,” he said."Of course baby, you look fucking amazing."I needed to introduce her to my daddy.Opening his eyes, he now stood face-to-face with the woman of his dreams.I wasn't sure how long I stood there before Ann walked out, closing and locking up the band room.I'll be there when I've finished.”This is part 3 of my Journal.“We share the big bedroom with Momo, Sonja, Leah, Jenny, and sometimes Betty.He gets some blankets and a comforter out of one of the boxes he brought in with his dad and made his bed.Her ass felt soft as I gripped and squeezed, my God!The sun is so bright that I draw the curtains to create a more intimate vibe, and to keep some of the heat out.Larry as promised drove his cock all the way home in her ass.“You’d b

“Ah, damn that’s good.” He hesitated a moment, then plunged in. “So.“submissive”I continued riding Ethan until we’d both cum then got off him and lay beside him.Slavering mouths drew back, the lips snarling over long, pointed teeth and a rumbling growl started in each beast’s throat.The leather was cool against me. I shuddered as she tightened it.I pushed her back a little to kiss and suck at her nipples, she moaned again and pressed her tit into my mouth, holding my head tightly.When I started to calm down a bit the wand was returned to my pussy and I was soon back up there.“Yes I am, why, where do you live?” He asked.She rolled over and with her knees together she tucked her legs under her stomach, this position provided him the right angle.Besides the BDSM stories I loved to read, I also devoured mind control stories.Aingeal giggled.For a while nothing really happened.Our two bodies felt as though they had been fused into one, working in unison for the total plea