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Billy kept his two favorite starlets.“I want to see that!” Monica groaned.“Your love means very little to me, Sister Julia, but your power means a great deal.”Instruments of torture hang on the walls – serrated blades; pincers; things with hooks.The feeling from her vagina and her anus were overwhelming.The maid dutifully allowed me to push and I set off at a run, “Dear lord!” Miss Rochester declared, “Have you gone mad!”They stared up at the window in anticipation.“Mmm, but you do got a delicious asshole!”THANK YOU FOR YOUR READERSHIP….We then layed"If I wasn't with Haley what would you do with me?"Again it took around 5-10 minutes.“Okay, if you spot me I’ll spot you when you do some.”The commander grabbed the girl's hair“Amazing, needless to say,” I answered before filling my mouth again.After several more on the two of them fucking missionary.I went to the library.Soon Henry was ready and he pulled out his cock, got up on a chair and fed his long ro

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I could just imagine her sweet young pussy right there in front of me...all pink and waiting to be fucked!Her transfixed breasts heaved, cruelly stretched by hooks and chains, and the tendons in her neck and shoulders showed hard and tight under their sheathing of milky-white flesh.“ oh God Scott that fucking feel good fuck my cunt like dirty little slut I am!!!” I yell out as you began bang the holy shit out of me. You were thrusting so hard that my head was banging up against the head board “ oh damn Scott that right HARDER HARDER HARDER fuck me like your life depends on fill me with your SEED !!!!And she was beginning to show evidence of success in the baby-making efforts, too.So many unanswered questions.The ache grew at the tip of my dick pumping in and out of her spasming cunt.Then she turned around and leaned forward, resting the palms of her hands against the shower wall.By the time I got back to running properly, I was in sixth place.She was on the third one when Steve