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No anal ok?”After my parents tried an exorcism to relieve me of the ‘demon that plagued my soul,’ I stopped trying to prove to people that Angela was real.It had to be the shock.He didn’t think that she had covered up either during her son’s or her husband’s presence in the bedroom.The flavor of Sean's salty cum lingered in my mouth.Does that happen frequently?"But I had a lot to worry about as well.This ain’t The Chauffeur!He cried out, and thrust again.I licked, gathering the delight of her tangy musk on my lips.I love you, too, Henry.”He'd asked the question before his brain could tell him to stop.“Sure.”“Emily, I’m not your mother…”I wanted his hot cum to flood my mouth.Just as he was about to lose it, she pulled him out of her mouth, gasping for air as she drooled down her chin.She sighed in relief as he dropped the whip.The General's gaze now met the Commander's.But you won’t be.” He placed his palm on the glass, “Goodnight, Queen Tiadoa.”“Da

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