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I just hate you so much.Brad was about 6’1” and 170 pounds with a lean athletic physique and a handsome face.The good thing was that it took longer each time before her mind reverted back to the slut training.“Oh, Daddy, I don't think you're strong enough butt-plug to control Mommy,” Stefani moaned, glancing at her father.We found out that the first one was always the hardest.The next man ass-fucked her.A slim, tallish brunette wearing a short above the knee skirt with a slit up one side and a silk blouse showing lots of cleavage, obviously without a bra as I note her erect nipples, set off by stiletto heels.Her legs were spread in the stance our father taught us when we were aiming a gun, and her thick thighs flexed in preparation, forcing her supple glutes to protrude vulgarly from the outline of her figure.“Wow”, she thought to herself, marveling at the contrasting reactions of her husband and son to the very same body.I just had to imagine she was Rosemary.'Sure thing Susan, anyt

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