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While she'd known she was a masochist almost as soon as she'd found BDSM porn, she'd learned that hurting her tits turned her on like nothing else.“Sorry dad, I didn’t have my headset plugged in when I hit the play button.”I packed and left and headed to the hotel where I would meet Becca.I was a little embarrassed and lost for words after all that had happened so I quietly said that I would order some Pizza for dinner and I'd see them in the main house in a few.Your father says he's a handsome, well mannered boy who helps his dad in the business.""Congratulations, you're a fister."I moved my left hand down to her pussy and she opened up her legs to me. I kept kissing her mouth, her lips I sucked in and out and then I went down to her neck sucking it here and there.I left him go for a couple of minutes.That evening we stayed in too.Donna thought she would be nervous, but she had no trouble shopping for ‘fuck me’ clothes on Friday."Don't say that."The way she is with me, the h

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