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Uggggh, I was hoping to get you to myself,” Jennifer tells me with her beautiful smile.She hadn’t expected this to change so quickly.Then Jen added, “That’s kinda hot.” Jen’s comment made my heart skip a beat.“it's okay accidents happen.It held a queen-sized bed and I saw immediately that the right side had been turned down, I assumed to accommodate Lucy.I shuddered, my pussy clenching and my dick throbbing.Tammy: I made made a show of me looking in our room and saying “oh we only have a single bed also.” then I said “oh well at least we are beside each other.” Down playing the whole situation.The first time you refuse, you're done.Knowing, and enjoying, the fact he would leave marks, while his cock remained buried inside her.“Are you alright Emily?” I heard Harry say.After that she came up to us and gave Trevor a high five.This time it took about thirty minutes before he did much better.As my right hand continued working on her slowly moistening pussy, I gav

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