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I shuddered, my pussy spasming so hard.He looked relieved.Are you sure that you don’t want other men to fuck you?”No one was even looking at me. I had built up in my head how everyone would be staring at my pussy, and there was none of it.I knew her flats layout, and where the stuff I wanted was.Sometimes I even felt that she is rubbing her fleshy bum on my crotch feeling the hardness of my male member.I thought she was making it all up”She gushed, laughing a little and giving him a squeeze before biting her lip, setting down her now empty bottle and pulling out her own phone, "Mm, we'll be moving in a little, the car I mean."I'LL SHOW YOU DICKS THESE CAN TAKE ANY FUCKIN' PUNISHMENT YOU CAN DISH OUT!!!"He felt so wonderful in me. I shuddered, my hips wiggling from side to side.You were right, I need to be adventuresome.” She replied.I rolled off her to my back.“Please, be a bit more sensitive, Dan”The two men continued walking at a leisurely pace.Because of the accident we

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